Rayvyn Knight the Author

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Rayvyn Knight

Welcome to my page.  I am the author, Rayvyn Knight.  I live with my wife, Kateland Black, the better half of the Darkside duo, in the beautiful mountains of southwest Arkansas.  Along with writing books I also write a political column, Southern Fried Politics, in two local newspapers.  I also direct and produce documentaries, short films, and music videos as Strong River Films.  Recently I have entered into my first attempt at a full length film project, a docu-drama.  Kateland and I also occasionally team up to write, usually thriller, science fiction, fantasies.  My first book, which is currently at the publisher, is the first of what I plan to be a series.  It is called, "The Adventures of Darkside, Book One, The Pearl Street Posse".  I am also currently writing, The Other Side Of The Rainbow, Slipping Into The Darkness, with Kateland.